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EXBERRY® Mulled Wine Style Jellies

These vegan sour jellies are a nice treat to eat or drink.
Just eat it as a special treat or enjoy a mulled wine style hot drink and warm up from inside:

  • Prepare a cup of 150mL of boiling water (100°C)
  • Add 2 star jellies into the hot water
  • Keep stirring constantly the beverage for around 2min
  • That’s it, your red hot wintery drink is ready to enjoy!


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EXBERRY® Rubescent Red from red sweet potato?

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These Mulled Wine Style Jellies are colored using EXBERRY® Coloring Foods.
The concentrates are valued worldwide for their ease of use, brilliance, performance and the complete vertical integration of the supply chain, which ensures full traceability and stock stability.In applying EXBERRY® products, manufacturers are assured to receive highly professional support ranging from strategic product development to production integration and regulatory advice.


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