Aerated Confectionery

gums, pulled chews, toffee, marshmallows

When air is incorporated into gummy or toffee mass, it is possible to create a range of more subtle, pastel shades. pH is a consideration when seeking to achieve certain shades and it is important that the color is selected offers the necessary performance characteristics.


  • The density of the candy will affect the dosage of color required. More air incorporation will require a higher dosage
  • To achieve vibrant reds, purple and pink hues, lowering the pH of the base to <3.2 is ideal. In highly aerated gums / foamies and mallow, paler, more pastel results will be achieved. For mallow which is typically not acidified the classic anthocyanin-containing red shades are not appropriate and very good results can be achieved with alternative pink / reds Coloring Foods
  • For carotenoid-containing colors it is recommended to include ascorbic acid at ~0.2% (as an antioxidant to support performance) particularly in highly aerated gums and marshmallow
  • Carotenoid-containing colors can be used in pulled chewy candies. As the carotenoid crystals dissolve due to the presence of fat, heat, and shear, the shade can change from orange to a yellow-hue. Alternative EXBERRY® products may be preferred if an orange shade is desired

Manufacturing process

  • Avoid excessive processing and hold times
  • It is best to avoid pre-mixing colors and flavors


  • Overall stability is very good