How We Grow Our Colors

28 March 2019

A vertically integrated supply chain consists of hundreds of individual relationships bound together by a common goal. It isn’t acquired or bought but assembled over time. We’ve been building our network of farmers, suppliers, and agronomists for over 40 years, and today, our vertically integrated supply chain remains the defining characteristic of GNT, allowing us to ensure consistent quality, availability, and price for our brand of EXBERRY® colors.

To celebrate our decades-long commitment to vertical integration, GNT has produced a short film documenting how we grow our colors. The five-minute video highlights the many links within our supply chain and shows how they work in harmony to produce fruits, vegetables, and plants that yield the most intense colors. Interviews with EXBERRY® farmers and agronomists as well as narration by GNT’s managing director, Frederik Hoeck, shed light on our process — from seed selection and caring for newly germinated plants to monitoring soil status and plant health, all the way up to harvesting and efficiently processing the final crop.

As the world leader in Coloring Foods, GNT and our brand of EXBERRY® colors rely on each link of the chain to successfully produce and deliver stable, vibrant, and consistent color solutions to our customers.