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Hard Panned Confectionery

Pastilles, dragees and tablets

When applying color for hard panned confectionery either sucrose or dextrose bases are used. Most considerations relate to sucrose-based confections as this is most commonly used. The color dosage and number of layers applied dictate the final result. A complete spectrum of shades is possible using Coloring Foods for hard panned products.


  • EXBERRY® HP products are ideally suited to hard panned applications and will deliver a homogeneous appearance to the colored shell
  • Starting dosage levels in the panning syrup vary depending on desired color hue and the number of layers applied
  • For best results, start with a whitened center without cracks or chips
  • For chocolate- or nut-based centers, it’s important to apply pre-coating layers to avoid fat migration during shelf life
  • pH, water quality and acidity are key considerations for certain shades

Manufacturing process

  • It is best to avoid holding colored syrups for prolonged periods (>4-6 hours) at elevated temperatures
  • For blue, green and violet shades, avoid holding colored syrup for any period at > 65°C
  • For optimal performance, the last two color layers should be dried for extended periods at a slow drum speed without air application
  • Wait 24 hours before applying polish


  • Colors have excellent stability
  • Store cool and dark where possible
  • Air tight packaging will support optimum stability

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