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Bringing Coloring Foods to the Savory Market: GNT Launches New EXBERRY® Range

First full range of true natural colours based exclusively on vegetable and plant concentrates

19 July 2017

Mierlo, 19th July 2017 – The GNT Group is once again substantially enhancing its innovative portfolio: by launching the first complete and truly natural colour range for savoury products, the leading global provider of Colouring Foods is creating another milestone. The new EXBERRY® Savoury Solutions are ideal to give any desired shade to all types of applications in the segment, while offering excellent performance and easy handling. Servicing this additional market worth more than 220 billion Euros worldwide, the company is further reinforcing its position as market and innovation leader in the field.

“With this unique range, we are making the savoury market significantly more natural – and are strongly enhancing visual appeal”, says Paul Collins, Director of International Sales and Marketing. “In other categories, fruit and vegetable concentrates are already becoming the industry standard. The savoury market, however, is still mostly coloured by spices and additives. Now, manufacturers in the industry finally have the opportunity to leave additives such as carmine, caramel or copper chlorophyllin behind, without having to compromise on brilliance and variety, stability and shelf-life.”

Precise colour concepts for universal application

From yellow, orange and red to pink, brown, blue or green – the savoury range offers all required shades. They can be used in all applications ranging from meat and meat analogues, UHT and instant soups, wet and dry mix sauces to dips and dressings as well as pickles and seasonings. Since they are available as powder or liquid, they are suitable to meet any requirement. During handling, there is no staining of process equipment, which significantly facilitates production processes.

As with all of GNT’s solutions, the new concentrates have standardised colouring properties – as opposed to commonly used spices. Therefore, they allow for a highly accurate dosage and give full control over the appearance of foods. This provides manufacturers with enhanced colour opportunities to support recipe innovation.

Recognisable ingredients for clear labels

All EXBERRY® Savoury Solutions are produced exclusively from common vegetables and edible plants through gentle physical processes such as pressing, chopping and filtering. No chemicals or organic solvents are utilised. Therefore, they are not additives but food with colouring properties and can simply be declared as food in the ingredient list, creating a perfectly clean label. Moreover, only those raw materials are selected that fit well with flavour associations of savoury recipes. All concentrates are free from allergens, GMO and palm oil and suitable for vegetarian, kosher and halal food.

“Savoury manufacturers who want to be ahead of their competitors must find ways of responding to the growing consumer demand for clean and simple ingredient lists. As colour is one of the major factors in a purchase decision, they cannot make compromises on the visual appeal of their products,” says Collins. “With our savoury solutions, we enable producers to overcome these challenges and take the next step towards new colour concepts, while going natural at the same time.”

Manufacturers interested in switching to the new colour solutions get tailor-made advice from GNT experts. They provide support throughout the entire product development process, from finding the ideal concentrate for the desired shade to stability tests and regulatory advice.