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Don’t Spook Parents with Artificial Colors this Halloween Season

Consumers are demanding cleaner labels, especially for confections geared towards children

17 October 2017

Tarrytown, October 17, 2017 — Halloween is the one day of the year when costumes and candies replace bedtimes and balanced meals. But while parents might let their children go door-to-door seeking all sorts of sugary sweets, they are not so lenient when it comes to controversial food additives. A survey conducted by the GNT Group found that parents are especially sensitive to artificial food dyes, with 59 percent identifying “natural colors” as one of their most important purchasing criteria, and 70 percent responding that they avoid buying foods made with synthetic ingredients altogether.

But Halloween doesn’t have to be all trick and no treat.

Whether you’re manufacturing candy corn or bright-red candy apples, the iconic colors of Halloween can easily be replicated through the use of EXBERRY® natural color solutions. All EXBERRY® products are derived solely from fruits, vegetables, and edible plants through a purely mechanical process that doesn’t require the use of any chemical solvents. The resulting colors are water soluble, heat stable, effective at a range of pH levels, and available in liquid, powder, and oil dispersible forms. The over 400 shades of EXBERRY® color are vibrant and intense, but best of all, they won’t scare away parents on Halloween night.

Read on to find out how you can include natural colors in your confectionery applications.

Candy Corn

According to the National Confectioners Association, candy companies will produce nearly 35 million pounds of candy corn this year — around nine billion individual “kernels.” Such a popular seasonal product shouldn’t be off-limits for parents avoiding artificial colors. Transitioning to a paprika- or carrot-based EXBERRY® color solution is an easy way to tap into a consumer base that demands clean labels. Try a variety of color combinations to make your brand of candy corn truly stand out.

Gummy Crawlers

Creepy, crawly sour gummy worms add an extra “ick”-factor to Halloween displays and decorations. However, it should be the gummy worms themselves — not their ingredients — that are frightening. EXBERRY® colors maintain their vibrancy when applied to aerated gummies, but they also leave ingredient labels clean and uncomplicated.

Licorice / Extruded Gums

For a perfectly horrifying Halloween prop, nothing is more effective then eerie strings of bright red licorice. EXBERRY® colors are perfect additions to extruded gums applications, giving red licorice that glossy sheen without the risk of future fading.

“Bloody” Syrups and Gels

A devilishly red syrup can fool even the most astute trick-or-treaters into thinking they’re feasting on blood. Our anthocyanin-based colors are heat stable and maintain their intensity during processing and shelf life, making them ideal solutions for syrups.