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GNT to Compete in the 2019 RCA Professional Culinology Competition

11 March 2019

The 2019 RCA Conference will be held from March 13 -15 in Louisville, Kentucky and will highlight the rich culinary tradition of the Bluegrass State. GNT is competing in the Professional Culinology Competition, represented by corporate chef Armando Olivarez and application specialist Jamie French. With Kentucky as the inspiration and the “RCA Fusion Food Truck” as their method of delivery, competitors will need to use their creativity coupled with RCA’s 2020 list of food trends to create 30 sample-sized portions of their dish.

The Research Chefs Association has blended the fields of food science and the culinary arts into one new discipline — Culinology. Culinologists must understand the principles of cooking, formula and recipe development, food safety practices as well as the technical aspects of upscaling, shelf life, and manufacturing. This varied skill set allows the culinologist to find solutions to product development challenges that preserve a food’s essence, while at the same time making it commercially viable. With over 2,000 members to date, the RCA helps food product development specialists elevate the processed food industry to new heights.

GNT is a proud supporter of the Research Chef’s Association because we share many of the same principles. Just like the culinologist, we too rely on a combination of high-quality raw materials and technical ingenuity to create our products. As a result, our EXBERRY® Coloring Foods are consistent in quality and functionality yet retain the essence of the fruits, vegetables, and plants from which they are derived.

We wish Armando and Jamie the best of luck!