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GNT’s Chef Christina Olivarez Showcasing EXBERRY® at the Renowned James Beard House in New York City

19 October 2018

Tarrytown/ United State - Gastronomes from all walks of life - chefs, writers, restauranteurs, food scientists, "foodies" - recognize the significance of James Beard. Nicknamed the "Dean of American cookery" by the New York Times in 1954 and most famous for hosting the first food program on the new medium of television, James Beard’s presence and passion elevated the status of American cuisine across the world. The James Beard Foundation honors their namesake by pursuing the mission to "celebrate, nurture, and honor chefs and other leaders making America’s food culture more delicious, diverse, and sustainable for everyone."   

GNT is honored to contribute to the culinary legacy that is the James Beard Foundation. On October 20th, Chef Christina Olivarez of GNT USA is responsible for one-of-ten courses being served at Research Chefs Association fundraising dinner. The event, which is in support of the Research Chefs Association and Culinology Education, highlights what is possible when food science and the culinary arts come together. Chef Christina is taking a whimsical approach to the classic tartare by using carrots in place of beef. 

As all chefs know, creating the illusions of simplicity requires technique and ingenuity. For her carrot tartare, Chef Christina Olivarez sous-vides carrots in olive and poaches them until they have a meaty bite. She then mixes in elements of traditional tartare - capers, shallots, pickled carrots, Worcestershire crema - and then garnishes the plate with a poached yolk and carrot cracker. Chef Christina’s tartare uses culinary understanding and skill to elevate and accentuate the inherent flavors, textures, and taste of the carrot. GNT uses this same philosophy in producing EXBERRY®. A gentle manufacturing process transforms raw materials, like the carrots in your tartare, into stable and vibrant color solutions that remain a perfectly edible food.  

Congratulations Christina!