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Highlight the Colors of Autumn with EXBERRY® Natural Coloring Solutions

Maintain a clean label while guaranteeing that seasonal foods and beverages are the right shades of orange, yellow, and red.

14 September 2017

Tarrytown, September 14, 2017 — The cyclical re-emergence of pumpkin-spiced products is as much a part of the fall as the changing of the leaves. Food manufacturers from across categories have managed to capitalize on this trend by offering pumpkin-spice iterations of all sorts of foods and beverages ranging from yogurt and English muffins to kale chips and vodka.

But to truly channel the essence of autumn requires more than just pumpkin spice. To satisfy any and all of your seasonal product requirements, GNT’s EXBERRY® coloring solutions are available in vibrant shades of orange, yellow, and burgundy. EXBERRY® colors are derived solely from fruits, vegetables, and edible plants, and are traditionally identified on ingredient labels as “Fruit and Vegetable Juice (for color).” This simple and understandable ingredient listing appeals to customers who want to enjoy their favorite fall flavors without the presence artificial colors. All GNT products are manufactured using a unique physical processing technology that employs only water, making them free of chemical solvents and genetically modified ingredients. EXBERRY® colors are water soluble or dispersible, suitable for a low pH, heat stable, and available in both a liquid and powdered form.

Read on to find out how EXBERRY® colors can be applied successfully to your fall food and beverage products.


As the weather gets cooler, customers are drawn to a comforting bowl of warm soup. Seasonal gourds like butternut squash and pumpkin make are popular fall soup options, but classic combinations like chicken noodle and broccoli cheddar are also desirable. Soup, whether it’s canned, boxed, or in a retort pouch, can suffer from color loss due to the high-temperature pasteurization process. Use EXBERRY® color solutions to help replenish the aesthetic vibrancy that consumers expect from their favorite seasonal soups.

Baked Goods

Color is the visual cue for taste, and no muffin or cookie can truly embody the flavor of pumpkin without the proper shade of orange or amber. EXBERRY® colors are the perfect solution for product manufacturers looking to satisfy consumer’s simultaneous demand for fun and seasonally-colored baked goods, as well as clean labels absent of artificial colors and ingredients. Use EXBERRY® Shade “Mandarin” to make pumpkin bread, cookies, and muffins stand apart from the competition.

Frostings, Syrups, Fillings, and Sugars

Seasonal product’s limited availability means they need to draw customers in immediately. Orange frostings, syrups, and coatings can transform an ordinary product into a fall favorite. A cinnamon roll topped with an orange glaze or an orange-frosted snickerdoodle cookie may be the determining purchasing factor for shoppers during the autumn months. EXBERRY® colors contribute festive decorations without the controversy of artificial colors. Parents will be more than happy to share EXBERRY® colored treats with their friends and family.