Create colorful dairy products with EXBERRY® black carrots

With consumers more focused on their health and wellbeing than ever before, it’s vital that dairy products match up to expectations. Mintel research shows clean labels are rapidly becoming the new normal across the dairy industry, with consumers seeking out natural products that are free from artificial ingredients and additives.¹

Our range of black carrot-based EXBERRY® Coloring Foods can provide an excellent coloring solution for dairy and plant-dairy products including ice cream and yogurt. Available in liquid, powder, and organic formats, these plant-based concentrates offer a clean-label alternative to carmine and other artificial and additive colorants. They are created from black carrots and other edible fruit, vegetables, and plants using traditional physical processing methods such as chopping and boiling.

Our approach to black carrots is focused on maintaining our rigorous quality standards. They’re grown using our own seeds by farmers working in our vertical supply chain. Together with the farmers, we’ve developed the knowledge and experience to deliver crops that deliver exceptional results.

Continued improvements in our approach mean we can not only grow more black carrots per hectare but have also increased their color intensity, which adds up to a 300% improvement in color content per hectare since 1995. This helps us to achieve high levels of consistency and greater color intensity, making our products more cost-effective and sustainable.

Our experience has allowed us to utilize forward-thinking farming techniques such as seeding and harvesting via GMP and the use of automotive harvesting machines. We also use mechanical weed control in conventional cultivation. It’s an approach that’s well-established for organic carrots, but we use it for conventional carrots too. This means we can reduce the use of plant protection materials – and therefore residues – so you can deliver the cleaner products that shoppers expect.

Our black carrot-based Coloring Foods offer a future-proof solution to evolving consumer demands. We can provide you with everything you need to create clean-label dairy products with colors that stand out from the crowd.

Download the factsheet now and discover how EXBERRY® can take your dairy to the next level.

1 Mintel ‘Patent insights: innovation by dairy companies’ (2020)