Natural colors for your dairy products

In the modern dairy market, the most important consumer demands include taste, health, sustainability, and naturalness.

Natural food colors made from edible fruits, vegetables, and plants can deliver soft pastel shades to accentuate dairy products’ flavor while enhancing their healthy, sustainable positioning.

Our vast range of EXBERRY® Coloring Foods can deliver excellent results in almost any dairy application. Read more about our numerous dairy applications and how we can assist you in achieving your desired color.

Milk Drinks & Yogurt

Color is crucial when developing flavored milk drinks and yogurts, not only delivering visual appeal but also influencing enjoyment of the flavor. EXBERRY® can be used to create spectacular products without compromising on the label.

When using plant-based colors in milk drinks and yogurts, pH and thermal processing are the main technical considerations. Appropriate dosage levels will boost color retention when utilizing HTST or UHT processing.

The experts at GNT have vast experience creating natural coloring solutions for milk drinks and yogurts and can help you identify the solution you need.

Example of EXBERRY® in Milk Drinks & Yogurt

Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt

Ice cream and frozen yogurts are indulgent products – and consumers expect them to look fantastic. Plant-based colors can unleash their visual potential while supporting natural ingredient lists.

For optimal color performance with natural colors, there are several technical factors to consider, including fat content, pH, overrun, and thermal processing.

GNT’s experts can guide you through the process to help you achieve the perfect clean-label coloring solution.

Example of EXBERRY® in Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt

Water Ices & Sorbets

Vibrant colors can significantly boost the appeal of treats such as popsicles, water ices, and sorbets. Bright shades are used to indicate flavor, encourage consumers to try your product, and set it apart in-store.

EXBERRY® color solutions can be used to achieve spectacular clean-label shades including red, purple, blue, green, violet, orange, and yellow. For optimal color performance, it is essential to consider factors including pH and thermal processing. Stability is good for frozen systems across all EXBERRY® shades.

GNT’s experts can provide full support for your project requirements. Get in touch now to discover more.

Example of EXBERRY® in Water Ices & Sorbets

Fruit Prep

Fruit prep is an important component of desserts and yogurts, adding to their sweetness, texture, and color. EXBERRY® enhances and standardizes the appearance of processed fruit preparations by smoothing out any seasonal variations.

When using these plant-based colors in fruit prep, key considerations include fat content, pH, and thermal processing. It is important to recognize that color performance will be different in the standalone fruit prep compared to when mixed into the dairy product.

The team at GNT will work with you to ensure you get the results you need throughout your products’ shelf-life.

Example of EXBERRY® in Fruit Prep


Color is vital in processed cheese products to create a finished product that consumers recognize. Our natural coloring solutions allow brands to achieve the shades they need while complementing cheese products’ inherently rich nutritional profiles.

Some natural pigments may shift from orange to a yellow-hue in the presence of fat, heat, and shear. GNT’s experts can provide insights into which plant-based colors are best suited to your products to ensure you achieve the perfect results.

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Example of EXBERRY® in processed cheese