Plant-based colors for your meat, dairy, fish, seafood and cheese alternatives.

The plant-based market is more competitive than ever, with the quality and quantity of products continuously increasing.

Plant-based products therefore need to have all the right sensory qualities to succeed – and color is key. It sets first impressions on the supermarket shelf, with many shoppers expecting alternatives to animal products to look just like the real thing.

As health and sustainability are the major drivers of plant-based purchases, the choice of coloring ingredient is every bit as vital.

Our plant-based EXBERRY® colors can help you achieve spectacular shades in different plant-based applications, while supporting perfectly clean labels.

Meat & Sliced Meat Alternatives

To appeal to modern consumers, meat substitutes need to combine sensory appeal with clean and clear ingredient lists.

 EXBERRY® Coloring Foods can deliver a broad spectrum of clean-label shades to replicate the appearance of real meat products in a wide variety of plant-based alternatives such as various meat alternatives, sausages and cold cuts.

EXBERRY® can even provide clean-label color solutions that allow meat alternatives shift from the red of red meat to the brown of the cooked product.

Get in touch with our experts today to find out how we can support your plant-based revolution.

Example of EXBERRY® in Meat & Sliced Meat Alternatives

Fish & Seafood Alternatives

Brands are now developing alternatives to salmon, tuna, prawns, shellfish, and crustaceans that effectively match the taste and texture of the real thing.

Our natural food colors can deliver a broad spectrum of shades to replicate the appearance of real fish and seafood in almost any type of plant-based alternative.

New processing technologies also allow plant-based colors to be added to the exterior, which can be used to mimic the coral stripes on cooked shrimp or when non-homogenous color is desired.

Discover how our colors can help you create highly realistic plant-based seafood with clean labels.

Example of EXBERRY® in Fish & Seafood Alternatives

Dairy Alternatives

Dairy alternatives have hit the mainstream in countries all over the world, with vast numbers of consumers now purchasing plant-based milk drinks, yogurts, and ice creams.

EXBERRY® Coloring Foods can help you to create colorful dairy alternatives from a broad spectrum of clean-label food colors, that showcase different flavors while supporting natural ingredient lists.

While our food color concentrates are not always a plug-and-play solution, we can provide all the support you need to ensure effective results for your project requirements.

Example of EXBERRY® in Dairy Alternatives

Cheese Alternatives

Demand for plant-based cheese is growing fast as brands find new ways to mimic the taste, texture, and melting properties of dairy cheese.

To attract consumers, cheese alternatives must also deliver strong visual appeal along with clean and clear ingredient lists. EXBERRY® Coloring Foods can deliver a broad spectrum of clean label food coloring shades to perfectly replicate the appearance of a wide variety of different cheese products.

Our plant-based food colors can provide a wide range of shades with excellent performance.

Example of EXBERRY® in Cheese Alternatives