New 2024 trends shaping the future of beverages

Delve into the latest trends in non-alcoholic beverages – and create innovative products that capture consumers’ interest. Our experts have analyzed market and consumer data to assess what’s happening in the sector worldwide, with insights into how color can help drive sales.

Wholesome enjoyment

FMCG Gurus has named ‘Strive for Happiness’ as a top trend for 2024, with consumers looking to prioritize their emotional wellness.[1] Innova Market Insights’ research, meanwhile, shows one in two shoppers like to treat themselves with everyday moments of happiness.[2] For modern consumers, improving mental wellbeing is connected to diet. FMCG Gurus’ research shows 48% of those who say they have looked to improve their mental well-being in the last two years have made changes to their diet. Innova points out that health and pleasure have become more intertwined and that there is a strong trend toward cutting down – or cutting out – alcohol consumption. Beverages such as functional smoothies and mocktails with elegant fruit flavors are perfect for tapping into the trend. Bold color shades help create joyful moments while helping to signal the beverages’ fruity goodness.

Yellow, orange and red drink


Out of this world

Artificial intelligence is on the rise and is now beginning to have an impact on food and drink. FMCG Gurus highlighted “AI Appetite” as a key sub-trend for 2024, tipping “artificial intelligence technologies and data analytics to enhance customer personalization and decision-making for improved product development and supply chain management.”[1] Some beverage companies are already using AI to create personalized drinks in real-time based on consumer preferences. The use of different colors and flavors can create unique experiences that will be shared and discussed online. Color, flavor, and branding linked to galactic and out-of-this-world ideas fit perfectly with the new tech, creating futuristic products that deliver a moment of escapism.

Purple drink


Powder power

Powdered beverage solutions are no longer just for sports nutrition. Environment factors and shelf stability are key selling points while also being great for portability and on-the-go consumption. Health is a key motivator for modern consumers too, with 45% worldwide saying they have taken a greater interest in health-boosting ingredients in the last two years.[1] The use of color can bring powdered drinks to life – think vibrant, nutritious greens or stimulating reds and pinks.

Green drinks with lemon


Positive palettes

When it comes to visual appeal, it’s all about vibrant, smile-inducing color in 2024. The Food People has named ‘Tickling Senses’ as a top trend for 2024. From blue lemonade to vibrant red gamer drinks, beverage brands can win over modern consumers with joyful, irrelevant, bright hues. There are no rules when it comes to the choice of shades anymore – but natural colors are a must. Research from FMCG Gurus shows six in ten consumers worldwide say it is important that food and drink products are free from artificial ingredients.[3]

Yellow and pink drink


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