Give classic confections a makeover with EXBERRY®

with colors from fruits and vegetables

07 March 2019


The trend towards clean-label, recognizable ingredients is re-shaping the food and beverage industry. As color plays an important role in not only drawing a consumer in for that initial purchase, but also supporting the characteristic flavor, it is no surprise that colors made from fruits, vegetables, and edible plants are now utilized more than ever.

One should not be intimidated when working with clean-label colors. EXBERRY® colors can deliver bright, vibrant colors in many types of applications, including the iconic Salt Water Taffy. The salty confections we are showing at Booth 135 in the Arena at Natural Products Expo West were made in a “nougat style” using the following process:

  • A cooked sugar mass with fruit puree is mixed with whipped egg whites
  • Minor ingredients like fat, evaporated milk, salt, color, flavor and acid are then added while being continually whipped; cooling proceeds naturally
  • The taffy mass is then conditioned for 24 hours before forming, wrapping and packaging

EXBERRY® color dosages may range higher in this application due to the fat content and aeration in the process. When using EXBERRY® colors, it’s important to consider the pH, the temperature at which the color is added and the amount of aeration. For instance, the Raspberry Flavor was colored with Shade “Royal Pink” which will have a brighter, more reddish hue at pH <3.5. When working with Shade “Majestic Blue” in the Blueberry Flavor, it’s important to add it at a point in the process where it will not be exposed to long holding times at high temperature and before the acid goes in.

Understanding these small tips and tricks will ensure success with EXBERRY® colors. Please connect with your GNT technical representative to learn more about making taffy with fruit and vegetable based colors or the specific application of your choice.