Clean-label reds for beverages

Visual appeal is crucial in the beverage market, but today’s shoppers increasingly expect their products to contain only ingredients they know and trust.

GNT’s black carrot-based EXBERRY® Coloring Foods are the ideal solution for the modern beverage market. Like all our colors, these plant-based concentrates are created from fruit, vegetables, and plants using water and physical processes such as pressing, chopping, and filtering. Perfect for everything from CSDs and cordials through to alcoholic RTDs, they can deliver vibrant reds, pinks, and purples without compromising on the label.

The black carrots are grown by farmers working as part of our vertical supply chain. We have full control over our seeds and can therefore guarantee that they are 100% non-GMO. Our agronomy team works hard to seek out the most efficient and reliable black carrot varieties to create our Coloring Foods. We also carry out yearly variety testing on our own fields. This provides us with a very powerful tool to create cost-effective and sustainable products.

We also make use of advanced farming techniques. The carrots are sown and harvested using GPS, while irrigation is precisely monitored to ensure perfect crop development. Harvested at peak maturity, the carrots are then washed and delivered to our processing sites within just a couple of hours to minimize any color degradation. This means they retain their high color content and offer excellent color consistency.

GNT also has more than four decades of experience working with Coloring Foods, allowing us to provide you with all the support you need to achieve optimal results for your application.

Available in liquid, powder, and organic formats, GNT’s black carrot-based EXBERRY® Coloring Foods offer the ultimate in clean-label colors and enable you to create the beverages consumers want to see.

Download the factsheet now to learn more about using clean-label EXBERRY® colors to achieve beverage success.