Tired of Price Volatility, GNT can Help you Replace Carmine

28 July 2018


It’s surprising that, given the significant list of negative attributes, carmine (sometimes referred to as cochineal) is still used in any capacity by the food and beverage industry. Carmine, a red dye derived from the inedible cochineal insect, is manufactured using chemical processes and extracts such as aluminum oxide. Because of this, carmine is not in line with consumers’ perception of what a ‘natural’ color should be.

When consumers become aware of the chemical processing and the fact that up to 40 percent of the final colorant consists of other additives or chemicals, they instantly agree on its unnatural character. Being of insect origin, carmine is also not an acceptable additive for vegans or vegetarians.

The EXBERRY® Alternative

The obvious drawbacks of carmine suggest that a natural replacement is necessary. EXBERRY® Coloring Foods provide an entirely natural alternative. These are concentrates made from fruit, vegetables and edible plants. In contrast to colorants such as carmine, the production of EXBERRY® involves only the use of water and gentle physical processes like pressing, chopping and filtering. The final result is a fruit and/or vegetable concentrate that delivers vibrant colors to almost every application. EXBERRY® colors can be eaten at every step of the production process and are made from ingredients which consumers recognize.

Reds from Fruits and Vegetables

Color Stability

EXBERRY® Coloring Foods offer excellent stability, as demonstrated in extensive heat and light tests. In the study below, a side-by-side comparison of carmine and a Coloring Foods solution in dairy shows a color match whereby the color difference is extremely small and in fact imperceptible to the naked eye.


The list of application possibilities for EXBERRY® Coloring Foods is almost endless. Besides dairy, our solutions can be used in beverages, confectionery, ice cream, food supplements and fruit preparations.

The concentrates provide a wide spectrum of shades from pastel to intense colors. Whether replacing carmine in soft drinks, candied cherries or vibrantly pink sweets, our proprietary technology enables us to deliver solutions that have the exact color shade and intensity for the application in question.

Cost in Use

By controlling the complete vertical integration of our supply chain, we can ensure the best possible price stability and all-year-round availability of our products. We control all steps of the supply chain – from the selection of seeds to the cultivation and harvesting of the raw materials, all the way through to the finished products. Our competitive and stable prices and the year-round availability of EXBERRY® concentrates ensure that you can make long-term plans with confidence.

Maartje Hendrickx
Market Development Manager