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Are EXBERRY® colors like synthetic or formulated colors?

When used appropriately, EXBERRY® concentrates can provide vibrant colors comparable to synthetics

See our overview of applications for examples and order a color sample to evaluate EXBERRY® in your own application.

Is EXBERRY® suitable for consumers with specific dietary requirements?

EXBERRY® Coloring Foods are made from fruits, vegetables and edible plants, without the use of any raw materials of animal origin, making them suitable for vegetarians and vegans. We have the appropriate certifications confirming our products also meet halal and kosher requirements.

How do I declare EXBERRY® on the ingredients list?

Labeling regulations vary across different markets and your local GNT contact person can provide further guidance in this respect.

Within the EU, it is recommended that EXBERRY® products are labeled on the ingredient list of the final product as: Coloring Food (concentrate of “name of the raw materials”), e.g. Coloring Food (concentrate of carrot, cherry, …).

In the United States, Coloring Foods are declared on ingredient labels as “fruit and/or vegetable juice (color)” or “spirulina extract (color)”, depending on the specific EXBERRY® product.

What are Coloring Foods?

The term defines a specific group of food ingredients which are used for imparting color to food and drink products and are not classified as food additives (color additives) within the EU. Coloring Foods are defined by the “European Guidance Notes on the classification of extracts with colouring properties (Ver. 1 of 29th November 2013)” as follows:

Coloring Foods should comply with the following principles:

  • Purpose of use – Coloring Foods are typically used for the primary purpose of coloring.
  • Source Material – The source material(s) used for the manufacturing of ‘Coloring Foods’ should be a food or a characteristic ingredient of food which is normally consumed as such within the EU.
  • Processing – Any process applied to the source raw material should not result in selective extraction based on the selective extraction criteria of the EU Guidance Notes.

Is EXBERRY® organic?

We offer a special range of EXBERRY® products designed specifically for use in organic applications.

What is the status of EXBERRY® in the EU with respect to the Guidance Notes on the classification of food extracts/concentrates with coloring properties?

The manufacturing process used for EXBERRY® products is classified as a “non-selective extraction,” based on the criteria of the Guidance Notes. This means that EXBERRY® qualifies as a Coloring Food with an enrichment factor below 6.

Is EXBERRY® a liquid or a powder?

EXBERRY® colors are available in both liquid and powder formats.

Is EXBERRY® heat-stable?

The EXBERRY® range performs well when exposed to heat. Our application specialists are also available to advise on how to achieve optimal performance for applications that require more intensive heat exposure.

Which certificates can you provide?

FSSC 22000:2011
The FSSC 22000 certification ensures that we effectively manage our food safety responsibilities.

IFS Food
We possess the IFS Food certification, which recognizes quality and food safety management systems.

Is it correct that you are in full control of the whole supply chain?

Our philosophy is underpinned by our commitment to our unique vertical integration whereby we ensure we have visibility and control of the supply chain at all stages. This provides quality, authenticity, and availability.

Is EXBERRY® available year-round?

Our unique supply chain control and significant investment in long-term stock holding means we are able to offer competitive, stable prices across the EXBERRY® range.

Working closely with our customers, we provide the reassurance of availability over the long term, with consistent year-round quality.

What is EXBERRY®?

EXBERRY® is the leading brand of truly natural Coloring Food solutions for food and beverage applications. It is made from blends of fruits, vegetables, or edible plants.

What colors do you offer?

We offer the full rainbow of colors with the exception of white at present.

What formats do you offer?

We offer liquid, powder, and oil-dispersible products depending on your needs and the nature of your application.

What is spirulina?

Spirulina is edible algae renowned for its content of protein and antioxidants, and for its desirable colorful properties.

What are blue/green colors made from?

For EXBERRY® we process spirulina, which can be used to deliver the most eye-catching blue concentrates. By blending blue concentrates with yellow, we are able to provide a wonderful spectrum of greens depending on your needs.

Where can I find your color portfolio?

For details of our color range that is suitable for your application needs, please contact our experienced team

How can I get samples to work with?

We will be pleased to provide appropriate samples for your chosen application. Please contact us to talk to our dedicated technical team.

What is the shelf life?

The label on EXBERRY® products includes information on the shelf life of the concentrates themselves in the original, unopened packaging. Shelf life is mainly determined by storage conditions and handling.

How should EXBERRY® be stored?

EXBERRY® products are clearly labeled to show the appropriate storage conditions of the concentrates themselves in the original unopened packaging.

What dosage of EXBERRY® do I have to use?

EXBERRY® dosage rates are determined by the application. The ingredients, processing, packaging, and anticipated shelf life will all have an influence on the appropriate dosage to select.

How do I obtain optimal results with EXBERRY® in my applications?

Visit our Applications pages for suggestions regarding color usage for optimal results. Our experienced technologists are also on hand to provide further support.

Please contact us about your chosen application.

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