EXBERRY® plant-based colors for food and drinks

EXBERRY® is a leading global brand of plant-based, sustainable colors for food and drinks. EXBERRY® colors are made from fruit, vegetables, plants, seeds and algae in line with our strong sustainability commitments. Our color concentrates are valued worldwide for their vibrancy, versatility, stability and ease of use.

Color your product with EXBERRY®

Color solutions for every company. Our colors are trusted by more than 2,600 food and drink manufacturers in over 75 countries, from major multinationals to small start-ups.

A one-stop shop for plant-based colors. Our range features more than 400 products, including a full spectrum of Coloring Foods made from edible fruits, vegetables, and plants as well as natural colors such as carotenes and annatto.

Effective results in almost any application. Our colors are used in confectionery, dairy, bakery, beverages, snacks, sauces, plant-based meat and pet food.

Different formats for different projects. EXBERRY® colors are available in a wide range of formats. We supply liquids and powders as well as multiple specialist formats for specific application challenges.

Reasons to choose EXBERRY®

With EXBERRY®, you get more than just high-quality colors. We offer comprehensive support service to help you achieve perfect results and we go the extra mile to ensure we can always maintain your supplies. We’re committed to providing exceptional solutions that will work for you and your customers.

Full support from start to finish

We make moving to natural colors easy. As a pioneer in natural food colorings since 1978, we have the experience and expertise to guide customers through the whole commercialization process. We can help with everything from color selection to stability testing to regulatory support to ensure a successful switch.

Year-round availability and consistent results

Our customers can always depend on us to provide the colors they need. For our Coloring Foods, we have a vertical supply chain that supports full traceability. We work closely with our farmers to ensure responsible agriculture with consistent results. Our approach allows us to maintain our supplies.

Stable colors throughout the shelf-life

Choosing plant-based colors doesn’t have to mean compromising on performance. EXBERRY® colors can maintain vibrant shades throughout the shelf life in most applications with good heat, light, and pH stability. Our portfolio contains multiple product formats to meet individual project requirements.

Maximizes consumer acceptance

All of our products are vegan-friendly, halal, kosher and free from the major allergens. We do not use any genetically modified fruits, vegetables or plants to make our EXBERRY® color concentrates. Therefore our products are listed as concentrates, providing a clear and understandable label for consumers.

Pioneering new possibilities for plant-based colors

Food and beverage brands need versatile and effective natural colors to power their new product development. We pioneer innovative plant-based solutions that ensure new product ideas reach their full potential. As a family-owned business, we have the freedom to invest strongly in R&D so we can continuously add value for our customers through new formats, new raw materials and new formulation techniques.

Setting new standards on Sustainability

We know how important sustainability is to modern food and beverage companies. We’ve always worked closely with nature to create our colors and understand that we need to treat our planet and its people with the utmost care. That’s why we’re working to raise the bar on sustainability while maintaining our commitment to truly natural coloring solutions. Every year, we set ourselves new, bigger targets to minimize our footprint as we work towards our ultimate goal of carbon neutrality.

Let’s connect

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Colors consumers can trust

Color is key to creating a positive first impression, but unfamiliar coloring ingredients can limit products’ appeal. 

Consumer research consistently shows shoppers prefer food and drink containing ingredients they know and trust. EXBERRY® colors are made from raw materials such as carrot, pumpkin, and radish, supporting simple and clear label declarations.