Driving a healthier future with plant-based ingredients

It’s our mission to create plant-based ingredients to drive a healthier future for people and planet. This mission is our guiding light that provides direction and drives our everyday work. 

Nature is at the heart of EXBERRY® and GNT

Ever since our foundation, we have strived to capture the colorful goodness of nature and offer it to our customers in the most natural form. We’ve always worked closely with nature to create our colors and understand that we need to treat our planet and its people with the utmost care. 

We are the market leader in sustainable, plant-based colors

Every day, we earn our customers’ trust by delivering innovative solutions and exceptional performance. We empower our customers to create more natural products. Whether cutting out artificial colors or creating clean and clear labels, we can deliver the plant-based solutions they need.

We are pioneers of natural food ingredients

We have been revolutionizing the food-color market since 1978, and we retain the same ambitious attitude today. 

It’s all about moving from the known into the unknown; being prepared to go forward where others are content to stop, questioning existing conventions and coming up with surprising new answers. 

Not every direction will be successful, but we can make consistent progress by turning failures into opportunities to learn and improve. 

We are pioneers, keeping a firm stance and taking direct responsibility for our results. 

We are customer-focused and consumer driven

Customers and consumers alike trust EXBERRY®. 

Color is recognized as one of the most important product attributes driving purchase. Although EXBERRY® only contributes a percentage of each customer’s recipe, it is vital to the brand. It is the responsibility of every team member to provide outstanding solutions to every challenge they face. 

Crucial to our further success is our fundamental ability to adopt consumer and customer perspectives as habits evolve and requirements differ globally. 

We believe that best-in-class products should be accompanied by best-in-class support. 

We operate a responsible supply chain

Nature is the foundation of our business success. Preserving the richness of nature and making it available to our customers lies at the heart of what we do. 

We depend on the natural resources we use, and therefore believe in taking responsibility for these throughout our entire supply chain. 

Sustainability is key to making our business fit for the future and for all the stakeholders involved. 

We expect everyone at our company to live up to the highest ethical standards and to leave a minimal footprint wherever we go. 

We live the family spirit

We are a family enterprise and feel like a global family. Our shared mission, vision, and values are the essential ingredients that bring us together to form successful teams. 

Our different cultures, characters and working styles are highly valued and respected. By creating an inclusive and diverse workplace, we can share different perspectives, stimulate ideas, and foster innovation.

We believe in teamwork. We support each other. We are there for each other, our customers, our suppliers, and our partners. 

Our private ownership grants us freedom in our decision-making and enables us to stay independent of external, short-term interests. 

Support us in driving a healthier future

To fulfil our mission and make our vision a reality, we need to collaborate with like-minded people. Do you share our values? Contact us and start the conversation.