Natural colors for savory products

Canned soups, condiments, noodles, sauces, and meats are traditional comfort foods. These products must meet the consumer’s expectations in terms of both flavor and color.

At the same time, the savory market is embracing the modern ‘clean and clear’ label approach, making natural ingredient lists increasingly important.

With hundreds of shades available, our natural colors made from edible fruits, vegetables, and plants are the perfect addition to ensure savory applications reach their full potential.


Cured meats and processed meats such as cold cuts have a long history of using color to deliver a more appetizing appearance. However, both manufacturers and consumers now increasingly seek healthy options with natural ingredient lists.

EXBERRY® Coloring Foods can deliver a clean-label solution to enhance these products’ natural coloration. They can also be used to color the breadcrumbs on coated products.

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Example of EXBERRY® in Meat & Sliced Meat Alternatives

Pasta, Noodles & Rice

Colorful additions to pasta, noodles, and rice are increasingly popular and can complement and add contrast to sauces and dressings. Healthier options with vegetable content, for example, are now being created that look and taste fantastic.

EXBERRY® natural food coloring can be used to achieve a full range of shades in these products, providing eye-catching results without compromising on their healthy image.

We can offer full technical guidance to help you find the plant-based coloring solution you need.

Sauces, Dressings & Spreads

Sauces, dressings, and spreads have undergone a series of innovations in recent times, with new flavors and colors helping to create excitement around product launches.

Our plant-based colors can be used to enliven table sauces, dressings, and spreads such as hummus with vibrant shades. Food colorings made from fruit and vegetables can also be used to deliver traditional brown shades in place of caramel colors.

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Seasonings are used in a diverse variety play an important role in delivering both flavor and color. Our natural food colorings enable brands to achieve strong visual impact while supporting the clean ingredient lists that today’s consumers want to see.

Color selection and performance are dependent on the specific application. Our special range of EXBERRY® Micronized Powders – made with a smaller particle size – is recommended for dry blend seasonings. For oil slurries, either our Micronized Powders or our Oil-Dispersible products may be used.

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Soups and broths are now increasingly benefiting from the use of fresher and more vibrant color shades. With more and more transparent packaging in use, their appearance is crucial to maximize shelf appeal.

Our vast range of plant-based colors can be used to deliver a wide array of shades in soups and broths while supporting these products’ healthy image.

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