The resilient supply chain of EXBERRY®

As a family-owned company, we are committed to sustainable success and always plan for the long term. This is why we have spent decades building a strong and resilient supply chain. For all our products, we have a supply chain that supports full traceability. We work closely with our farmers to ensure responsible agriculture with consistent results. Our approach allows us to maintain our supplies – even in the face of global crises and shortages. 

Stability and year-round availability of our colors

An integrated supply chain can’t be bought: you build it over time. We have worked with many of our farmers for years with mutual trust and respect for the fruits, vegetables, and plants they grow and harvest. Our commitment to sourcing only the highest-quality raw materials allows us to establish longterm supply partnerships offering stable pricing and year-round availability. 

More than 50% of raw materials come from our own seeds

That’s why, when it comes to cultivating the raw materials for EXBERRY® colors, we are involved every step of the way. We use seed varieties that produce fruits, vegetables, and plants that yield exceptionally intense colors – helping us cut costs for customers and enhance sustainability. Our fully integrated supply chain guarantees traceable and authentic products. We have a non-GMO policy and other procedures in place to ensure we fulfill global quality standards. 

Sustainability means the world to us

We’ve always worked closely with nature to create our colors and understand that we need to treat our planet and its people with the utmost care. That’s why we’re working to set new standards in sustainability, providing truly natural coloring solutions with a minimal footprint. 

High-quality crops from certified farms

The raw materials used to produce our concentrates are carefully grown and harvested by farmers working on long-term contracts, providing certainty and supporting stable pricing for all parties. We work with our farmers to implement agricultural practices that control the use of pesticides and fertilizers, and which promote sustainability and compliance. Our suppliers are requested to work to global G.A.P certification. 

Raw materials used for EXBERRY® plant-based colors

We use more than 30 different types of fruits, vegetables and plants to create EXBERRY® plant-based colors. Including spirulina, radish and beet. 

Radish (red)

Our contract farmers grow radishes in farms within a 200-kilometer radius of our factories, with crop varieties and cultivation techniques chosen to maximize color content.

Spirulina (blue)

Our spirulina biomass is cultivated in covered ponds to prevent contamination and is fully traceable for all stages of production and handling.

Beet (red)

Like our radishes, our contract farmers grow beets in fields close to our factories. They select the most vibrant beet varieties to deliver exceptional pink and red shades.

We keep our lead times short

As a trusted partner to the food and beverage industry, we believe in doing exactly what we promise. We’re committed to short lead times and we’ve made strong investments to ensure we can deliver. Our supply chain model and investment in long-term stock holding helps us to maintain fast and consistent supplies for our customers all year round.

New collaborations help us accelerate innovation

We’re committed to providing our customers with the coloring solutions they need, when they need them. In addition to our vertical supply chain, we have established partnerships with carefully selected suppliers that share our values on quality and sustainability. This allows us to expand our range of raw materials and offer a more comprehensive toolbox of plant-based colors for our customers. It also brings even greater security of supply.

Protecting against price volatility

Manufacturers know all too well the pain of sudden price shocks when buying ingredients. Our high level of supply chain control allows us to protect against the dramatic price volatility that affects the open market. With our new collaborations and continued investments, we’re constantly going further to strengthen our supplies and maximize cost efficiency for our customers.