Plant-based red EXBERRY® colors for food and drink

With the right shade, color can help food and drink connect with trends and stimulate consumers’ senses. EXBERRY® reds can be used to evoke feelings of energy, excitement, and romance in almost any food and beverage application.

Red influences the perception of sweetness and spiciness

Research shows red can enhance perceptions of sweetness. One study found that the addition of red food coloring can make beverages taste as much as 11% sweeter.[1] Red can increase perceptions of piquancy, too, with darker reds seen as particularly spicy.[2] 

Beyond food and drink, red is seen as an exciting, energizing shade that increases passion and intensity and evokes strong emotions. It has even been found to boost the heart rate and strength in a study of combat sports.[3] 

EXBERRY® reds are made from fruits and vegetables

Red EXBERRY® color concentrates are made from non-GMO fruits and vegetables using physical processing methods such as chopping and boiling.  

Black currant

Black carrot

Red sweet potato


Understanding technical factors is vital when using plant-based red colors

  • Many of our red concentrates contain natural anthocyanin pigments, which have excellent heat and light stability but can cause a color shift with changing pH values 
  • Increasing the color dosage can provide an effective way to overcome pH and heat challenges 
  • We can also provide tailormade blends of raw materials to suit different requirements, such as beetroot and paprika concentrates containing betanin and carotenoid pigments  

After a careful screening process, our team will work closely together with you in order to achieve your desired color shade. 

EXBERRY® reds are suitable for many applications

  • Confectionery 
  • Beverages
  • Plant-based food and drink
  • Cereals and snacks
  • Bakery
  • Dairy
  • Savory

Each application has its own technical considerations. For example, in recipes that require a significant amount of ascorbic acid, higher dosages may be required to maintain the desired color during shelf-life. As a pioneer in plant-based colors, we help you overcome your challenges and achieve exceptional red shades. 

EXBERRY® reds are available in a range of formats

  • Liquid
  • Powder
  • Micronized powder
  • Oil-dispersible
  • Hard-panning
  • Organic liquid
  • Organic powder

Our experts are always available to advise you on the best format to choose. Depending on the application and recipe, the recommended EXBERRY® format will be different.

Get expert advice tailored to your project

We have worked with plant-based colors for over 40 years. Our experts have the knowledge and experience to identify the ideal option for your project. 


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