Natural colors for dietary supplements

Dietary supplements are typically positioned as wellness products and strongly benefit from the use of natural ingredients – including colors. EXBERRY® Coloring Foods are plant-based concentrates that can provide the ideal solution for these applications.

Our plant-based colors are available in both liquid and powder formats and can be used in a wide variety of dietary supplements. We also offer EXBERRY® Micronized Powders, which are designed to provide an even distribution of color and homogenous appearance in challenging applications such as tablets.

Vitamin Gummies

Vitamin gummies allow consumers to combine health supplements with sweet treats and are particularly popular for children’s multivitamins.

Coloring Foods can deliver a wide spectrum of natural shades in vitamin gummies to complement different flavors and increase acceptance. Key technical considerations can include the pH level and the presence of certain vitamins and minerals, which can affect the coloring.

The team at GNT has vast experience with plant-based colors and can help you find the right color solution for your project requirements.

Example of EXBERRY® in Vitamin Gummies

Instant Beverages

From protein powders to gamer drink formulas, instant beverages often utilize vibrant shades to showcase their exciting flavors.

Our powder-based Coloring Foods can deliver exceptional results in these products. Our Micronized Powders are ideal as they can ensure uniformity and enhance visual appearance of the powder blend.

Technical considerations include pH levels and the presence of vitamins, minerals, and botanicals, which can alter the performance of plant-based colors.

We offer a full support package with the necessary technological requirements and expert know-how on raw material characteristics and product performance.

Compressed Tablets & Coatings

Plant-based colors can provide a perfect solution for pressed nutritional tablets.

To achieve homogenous, vibrant shades, the particles need to be distributed evenly throughout the tablet. As such, EXBERRY® Micronized Powders – which are made with a smaller particle size – are recommended for this application.

Pressed tablets can also be film-coated if the tablet itself is not desirable in terms of appearance or organoleptic properties. Film-coating incorporates liquid color in a thin outer layer.

Contact our technical experts now to discuss your food coloring requirements.

Example of EXBERRY® in Compressed Tablets & Coatings