Color Selection & Color Matching

We will work with you to find the right solution for your application. We provide full guidance on color selection and performance across all types of food and drink.

We can help you replace artificial colors, switch to an alternative color source, or match an existing color.

For effective color matching, all we need is your representative uncolored base and recipe details, process parameters, shelf-life requirements, and color target. If an uncolored base is unavailable, we can develop a custom model system for your project.

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Stability Testing

For a product to be successful, it has to look great throughout the shelf life. We verify color performance to ensure solutions meet expectations every step of the way.

We offer a range of accelerated light and heating methods, while our vast information bank also helps us predict performance..

We will then help you optimize recipes to minimize any changes throughout the product’s lifecycle.

Concept Innovation

Our concept innovation can help you connect with your target consumers. Our experts are passionate about uncovering cutting-edge color trends and market innovations to inspire your new product development.

We work closely with everyone from trend analysts to online influencers to semiologists. We draw influences from regional cuisines, global culinary experts, and emerging food trends.

This trailblazing approach allows us to provide our customers with tailormade concepts that are both eye-catching and innovative.

Regulatory Support

Regulations and recommendations on the labeling of coloring products vary around the world. EXBERRY® Coloring Foods are suitable for use in numerous countries as a food ingredient (Coloring Food) or color additive.

We can provide customers with clarity    on matters including classification and labeling requirements in different countries.

EU market: All EXBERRY® Coloring Foods continue to be classified as food ingredients rather than additives based on current EU Regulations and the NATCOL Code of Practice.

NATCOL’s ‘Code of Practice for the classification, manufacturing, use and labelling of Coloring Foods (EU)’ provides clear support on the use of color concentrates made from edible fruit, vegetables, and plants. It covers principles of classification, source materials, manufacturing, quality control and safety, including labeling and use requirements as well as distinctions between Coloring Foods and color additives.

Efficient Upscaling

Achieving a smooth transition from prototype to fully commercialized product can present a wide variety of challenges. We will help you through the process while minimizing investment risks and maximizing speed to market.

We can carry out tests in our modern production facilities. We also provide expert advice on storage, handling, dosage, and processing to ensure your final products match up to expectations. Where appropriate, we can arrange on-site factory support all the way from pilot-scale projects to full-scale production.

Quality Documentation

GNT is dedicated to delivering natural coloring solutions that customers and consumers can truly trust. As part of this commitment, we are pleased to offer detailed specifications for all EXBERRY® products.

  • Our FSSC 22000 certification ensures we manage our food safety responsibilities effectively
  • Our IFS Food certification recognizes quality and food safety management systems
  • Our production lines and distribution network have been audited and certified in line with kosher standards and by the Halal Feed & Food Inspection Authority (HFFIA)

Our experienced team are committed to meeting all your specific quality documentation needs in a timely fashion