Sustainability means the world to us

We’ve been sharing nature’s spectacular colors through plant-based ingredients since 1978. Nature remains at the heart of GNT – and now we’re striving to preserve its resources for future generations. 

Discover how we’re setting new standards in sustainability for our EXBERRY® colors made from fruit, vegetables and plants.

We’re committed to leading the food color industry on sustainability

Sustainability is vital for the future of our planet, but it’s not just about doing the right thing. It’s about putting plans in place to ensure we can deliver our plant-based EXBERRY® colors over the long term. Our customers want to work with suppliers who are fully prepared for challenges to come. As a family business, we have always made plans with future generations in mind – and sustainability is at the heart of what we do. Our figures are independently verified and we offer Product Environmental Footprint information to help brands present sustainability data on their product packaging.

Sustainable colors for food and drink

We closely manage the supply chain for EXBERRY® colors to ensure it is resilient, cost-competitive and sustainable. The majority of our fruits, vegetables and plants are grown by farmers working on long-term contracts. This allows us to work closely with them on color content, biodiversity, soil health, water, and pest management so they can produce sustainable, vibrant crops year in and year out.

Optimizing our environmental and social impact

We’ve set ambitious targets for 2030. They are built around four key pillars to optimize our environmental and social impacts worldwide. 

Better for people

We’re working to create a happy, healthy, and diverse workforce. Our targets include a lost-time accident rate that is 25% below the industry average and maintaining an employee satisfaction score (eNPS) significantly above 30.

Better agriculture

We’re training all our contract farmers in sustainable agriculture. We’re also launching ten biodiversity projects and five social livelihood projects to help farmers in our supply chain and their communities.

Better operations

We’re taking action to cut CO2 emissions in our factories by at least 50%, improve water efficiency by 20%, and reduce CO2 emissions in intralogistics by 15%. We will strive to ensure at least 75% of side streams remain food ingredients.

Better products

We’re aiming to cut the Product Environmental Footprint for EXBERRY® product ranges by 25%. We’re enhancing sustainability by increasing the color intensity of our main crops by 30% through seed quality and farming techniques.

Helping highland farmers in Peru

Climate change and pollution have put food security and livelihoods in danger for remote highland communities in Peru’s San Marcos Province. We’re supporting the “Peru: Water, Wind, and Trees” project to help improve water infrastructure, promote reforestation, and train farmers in organic practices. 

Natural and ethical turmeric sourcing in Peru

We depend on the quality of the fruits, vegetables and plants that we use to make our colors. That’s why sustainable agriculture is crucial to us. We work closely with our farmers so that they can grow these vibrant crops year after year, while protecting the environment. 

Leading the food color industry on sustainability

As a global supplier, we know we have a responsibility to operate responsibly and contribute to protecting people and planet. Our annual report gives you comprehensive insights into our goals, actions, and progress on our sustainability journey so far. 

Meet our Sustainability team

We have a dedicated sustainability team to make sure we’re actively working to achieve our goals each and every day. If you’d like to learn more about our sustainability work, get in touch with us.