Cutting out carmine: Dairy products with EXBERRY® Shade Rubescent Red

Red is used to showcase a variety of enticing flavors in dairy products. While many dairy brands rely on the insect-based carmine to deliver their red shades, consumer demands for clean and clear labels are on the rise. According to FMCG Gurus’ “Reinvigoration of the Dairy Sector” report, 63% of shoppers worldwide say they have become more attentive to ingredient listings in recent times.1

As such, it makes sense to use a coloring ingredient that shoppers can truly trust. Available in liquid, powder, and micronized powder formats, EXBERRY® Shade Rubescent Red can provide excellent replacements for carmine in applications including UHT milk, yogurt, ice cream, sorbet, and fruit prep.

This color concentrate is made from sweet potatoes and deliver yellowish-red shades with no raw material taste in the final application. In addition, it provides comparable results to other anthocyanin-based EXBERRY® Coloring Foods with regard to stability, solubility, and viscosity.


Fully traceable, plant-based, red colors for dairy products


EXBERRY® Coloring Foods are created from edible fruits, vegetables, and plants using traditional, physical processing methods. Our sweet potatoes are grown and harvested by farmers working as part of GNT’s vertical supply chain, which ensures full traceability, year-round availability, and price stability.

Our crops are also non-GMO and grown according to GNT’s stringent environmental standards. Furthermore, they are optimized to deliver vibrant, clean-label shades that perform to an exceptionally high standard across multiple dairy applications but also in other fields such as beverages and confectionary.

Of course, when working with plant-based concentrates, technical and application support is vital to achieve optimal results. GNT has vast experience working with Coloring Foods and our team of specialists is on hand at every step to offer support throughout the entire product development process.


Download the factsheet now and discover how we can help ensure your dairy products match up to modern expectations.

1 FMCG Gurus ‘Reinvigoration of the Dairy Sector’ (2022)