2023’s top color trends in confectionery


Food color can help consumers create a happier, heartwarming state of mind, particularly with confectionery, where consumption is very much an emotional, sensory experience.

Here, we provide an overview of five top trends in confectionery, with tips on how to achieve success using plant-based EXBERRY® colors.


Expected to be a major flavor trend for 2023, newstalgia riffs on childhood memories of much-loved confectionery, invoking warmth and happiness. EXBERRY® concentrates can be used to tap into this theme beautifully, with options such as soft pastels, bold pinks, and fresh technicolors giving new twists to traditional favorites.


Among global confectionery consumers, 84% say sustainability claims are important when choosing products.[1] The arrival of the Healthy Hedonism era is now defining a new visual language for environmentally friendly food and drink. It’s no longer about the worthy, earthy tones most associated with sustainability – brands are using bright, unexpected color combinations to stand out from the crowd. EXBERRY® colors are ideal as they’re plant-based and kind to the planet, with GNT having unveiled plans to lead the food coloring industry on sustainability.


In a world in constant flux, consumers are seeking to manage anxiety with experimental products that fuel their productivity and transport them to new realms – literally brightening up their days with striking, exotic colors such as deep blues and solar-charged neon orange. EXBERRY® can be used to achieve vibrant shades comparable to synthetics in many confectionery applications while supporting clean and clear labels.


One key impact of the pandemic is that consumers have become more health-conscious, even with sweet treats. With 66% wanting to improve their immunity in 2023,[2] they are increasingly choosing products with functional health claims and added vitamins. EXBERRY® shades such as yellow, orange, green and red can be used to evoke vitamin-rich fruits and vegetables while adding a health halo to the ingredient list.


Mysterious dark and deep hues such as purple and popping shades of cyan are the perfect foil for mood-boosting ingredients, particularly when used to create hidden pieces of color that change, add texture, melt or add a burst of unexpected flavor. Our plant-based EXBERRY® colors can be used to add a sense of mystery and creative stimulation in these confectionery products.

Offering 360° support, from concept innovation to technical advice, the experts at GNT can bring these concepts to life in almost any confectionery application using plant-based EXBERRY® concentrates from edible fruit, vegetables, and plants.

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