Colors Your Consumers Will Trust

Color is key to creating a positive first impression, but unnatural and unfamiliar coloring ingredients can limit your products’ appeal.

EXBERRY® Coloring Foods are made from raw materials that consumers know and trust, providing instant reassurance when they turn to the label.

We offer clean-label coloring solutions for all product categories.

The GNT Advantage

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Clean and Clear Labels

Maximize consumer acceptance by coloring your products with fruit, vegetables, and plants. EXBERRY® Coloring Foods are considered to be food ingredients rather than additives in the EU and many other parts of the world – allowing for simple label declarations with no E numbers. They’re also suitable for vegan, halal, and kosher diets.

High-Quality Performance

Choosing clean-label colors doesn’t have to mean compromising on performance. EXBERRY® can deliver a broad spectrum of vibrant shades with great stability and a long shelf-life across a wide variety of food and drink applications. The EXBERRY® portfolio is also available in multiple formats to suit different project requirements.

Superior Support

We make moving to EXBERRY® easy. GNT pioneered the concept of coloring food with food in 1978 and we now work with the world’s leading food and beverage brands. With our unrivalled experience and expertise, we can give you all the support you need throughout the whole commercialization process to ensure a simple and successful switch.

Supplies You Can Rely On

You can always depend on us to provide the colors you need. We have a vertical supply chain that supports full traceability and responsible agriculture. We also invest heavily in long-term stockholding. That means that – even in the face of major crises and global shortages – GNT can still deliver high-quality EXBERRY® products all year-round.

Setting New Standards on Sustainability/Setting the Sustainability Standard

We know how important sustainability is to you and your consumers. We’ve always worked closely with nature to create our colors and understand that we need to treat our planet and its people with the utmost care. That’s why we’re working to set new standards in sustainability, providing truly natural coloring solutions with a minimal footprint.

GNT at a glance

EXBERRY® colors are used by more than 2,600 food and drink manufacturers in over 75 countries
GNT has 466 employees worldwide, with 13 sales and application branches plus distributors and agents in 23 countries
The EXBERRY® Coloring Foods range features more than 400 products spanning the whole spectrum
GNT produces more than 11,500 metric tons of EXBERRY® Coloring Foods every year – enough to color over 40 billion servings of food and drink
GNT grows more than 30 different raw materials to create the EXBERRY® Coloring Foods range

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