Cake & Dessert Mixes

In the age of social media, vibrantly colored cakes and desserts have hit the mainstream. Plant-based food colors are ideal for powdered cake and dessert mixes, using edible fruits, vegetables, and plants to provide exciting and appetizing shades.

EXBERRY® powders can be used for these applications, delivering a full spectrum of colors in a truly natural way. The pH is a key consideration for certain shades although performance is not affected for yellow, orange, and brown hues.

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Example of EXBERRY® in Cakes & Desserts

Decorations, Fillings & Coatings

Our plant-based coloring concentrates deliver vibrant color to all types of decor, from fat-based coatings and fillings to decorative sugars and icings.

Icings provide the opportunity to decorate baked goods in extraordinary ways. The pH level is one of the most significant considerations when looking to achieve a full spectrum of shades with EXBERRY® Coloring Foods.

Colorful sugar décor for bakery and desserts is also used to enhance visual impact. Our natural colors can deliver hues from across the rainbow, with EXBERRY® HP colors yielding the brightest shades.

We can also deliver highly effective solutions for fruit fillings and glazes, using the natural pigments in fruit and vegetables to enhance appearance over shelf life.

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Example of EXBERRY® in Decorations, Fillings & Coatings


Colorful breads with different flavors are proving increasingly popular and providing added value beyond classic recipes. Coloring Foods can deliver an appetizing variety of shades in yeasted and sourdough bread products including loaves, bagels, swirled bread, buns, croissants, and brioches.

When using plant-based colors, pH is a key technical consideration for certain shades, while the base color of the dough will determine dosage levels.

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Example of EXBERRY® in Breads

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