Soft Panned Confectionery

Jelly Beans A complete spectrum of shades is possible using Coloring Foods for soft panned products and performance is very much dictated by the pH, dosage levels, heat applied and the final product packaging. Formulation Starting dosage levels vary depending on desired color hue and the number of layers applied. Dosage level on finished product… Continue reading Soft Panned Confectionery

Pressed Tablets

mints, dragees, tingling sherbets Ranging from mints to tingling sherbets, color incorporation is considered very desirable within pressed confectionery to provide differentiation. Depending on the particle size, it is possible to achieve homogeneous colour throughout the mass. Formulation EXBERRY® MN powders are recommended for this application type, providing color in a dry format with a… Continue reading Pressed Tablets

Hard Panned Confectionery

Pastilles, dragees and tablets When applying color for hard panned confectionery either sucrose or dextrose bases are used. Most considerations relate to sucrose-based confections as this is most commonly used. The color dosage and number of layers applied dictate the final result. A complete spectrum of shades is possible using Coloring Foods for hard panned… Continue reading Hard Panned Confectionery

Hard Boiled Candy

(deposited, formed, lollipops) Colorful lollipops and hard-boiled candies can be jewel-like eye-catching treats which are possible in a multitude of shades and finishes. Formulation In general, deposited candies will require a lower color dosage compared to pulled and formed candies. The amount of pulling of the candy mass will affect the color intensity Starting color… Continue reading Hard Boiled Candy


(gelatin, pectin, starch, fruit snacks) Color is inherently important to gummy confectionery to deliver fun confectionery treats for all the family. Principle considerations for gummy confectionery are pH and processing temperatures. A diverse spectrum of shades is possible. Formulation The color of the base will impact the final color hue. A darker base will require… Continue reading Gummies


Cocoa Butter and Compound Mass / Couverture Colorful chocolate is increasingly popular to deliver variety and fit with flavor types to deliver a beautiful array of indulgent and playful shades. Color can be within the mass itself, feature as painted decoration on surface even within sprayed decoration. Dustings and outer layers can also be colored… Continue reading Chocolate

Aerated Confectionery

gums, pulled chews, toffee, marshmallows When air is incorporated into gummy or toffee mass, it is possible to create a range of more subtle, pastel shades. pH is a consideration when seeking to achieve certain shades and it is important that the color is selected offers the necessary performance characteristics. Formulation The density of the… Continue reading Aerated Confectionery