Sugar Coatings and Icings

Royal icing, flat icing, frostings, and buttercream Color is a vital feature of bakery icings, providing the opportunity to decorate in extraordinary ways. pH is one of the most significant considerations when looking to achieve a full spectrum of shades. Formulation The color hue will be greatly affected by the pH of the icing. The… Continue reading Sugar Coatings and Icings

Fat Based Coatings

For bakery products, desserts and cereals / bars For bakery products, desserts and cereals / bars, fat coatings are frequently used in place of chocolate. For these coatings, it is possible to achieve diverse full spectrum of shades using Coloring Foods. Formulation EXBERRY® OD or MN line is recommended for this application Starting color dosage… Continue reading Fat Based Coatings

Decorative Sugars

For bakery and desserts Sugar décor for bakery and desserts is frequently highly colored to add that little extra detail to a finished product. A full spectrum of shades is possible with EXBERRY® Coloring Foods. Formulation EXBERRY® HP liquid concentrates yield the brightest colors Starting dosage of 0.2 – 0.6% w/w EXBERRY® MN line may… Continue reading Decorative Sugars