EXBERRY® Organic Powders


We listened to your request for organic colors and are excited to let you know that a vivid new line of EXBERRY® Organic Powders are now available. EXBERRY® Organic Powders will deliver on our unwavering commitment to creating luminous colors containing easily identifiable, non-GMO ingredients with consumer friendly clean and clear label declarations.

Our vegan, halal, and kosher-friendly organic powders contain raw ingredients that are processed using simple methods such as chopping, filtering, boiling, and pressing. After the ingredients are processed, our powders are created using a physical, water-based method free from chemical solvents, resulting in stable, on-trend colors suitable for countless food and drink applications.

We can also help navigate the constantly changing organic regulations that might require reformulation to ensure that products remain organic compliant.

Our specialized teams at EXBERRY® are looking forward to introducing you to our vivid new line of organic powders and look forward to supporting you throughout every facet of the manufacturing and commercialization process.