Pistachio, mood food, and hybrids: Explore the 2024 trends in bakery

Discover the latest trends in the bakery sector to fuel your new product innovation. Our experts have used consumer and market research to pick out some of the most important developments. You’ll find more information below along with tips on how color can help achieve product success.

Really retro

In times of uncertainty, consumers turn to products that offer moments of nostalgia. Baked goods are perfect nostalgic comfort foods – especially when they come with a fresh twist. IFT names “Newstalgia Mashups” a key flavor trend for 2024.[1] Mintel analysis for the two years to 2025 also highlights newstalgia as a key trend, with brands “expected to play on that foundation of familiarity via modern twists that will create unique experiences for experimental consumers.”[2] Examples include products ranging from birthday cake cookies to popping candy cake bars. Color plays a key role in helping to trigger childhood memories of nostalgic flavors such as ice cream and candy.

Red cinnamon bun


Popping pistachio

Pistachio has always been popular in ice cream. Now, it’s trending across the wider food and drink sector thanks to its unique flavor, health credentials, and green color hue. Pistachio delivers a perfect sweet and savory balance in baked goods and British Baker has predicted that it will be a top flavor trend for 2024.[3] There is good reason for that: the number of global bakery launches featuring pistachio flavor has increased every year since 2019.[4] Green shades play an important role in signaling the pistachio flavor and attracting consumer interest.

Green bread


Positive palettes

Happy food is big business. Research by FMCG Gurus shows 52% worldwide find mood-enhancing claims on food and drink claims appealing.[5] Baked goods now often feature such claims, whether it’s cookies promising moments of bliss or superfood treats that bring the feelgood factor. Color can be used to help create a positive eating experience that sends out all the right messages.

Colored cinnamon buns


Live in color

Clean labels are more important than ever, but that doesn’t mean baked goods need to be boring. Adding pops of vibrant color – while referencing the natural coloring ingredients – helps deliver maximum product appeal. The Food People named ‘Tickling Senses’ as a top trend for 2024 and the new generation of consumers likes to enjoy spectacular sensory experiences. Joyful, bright, and rainbow hues are big in everything from cookies to cupcakes to babka.

Colored bread


Hello hybrids

Half of consumers worldwide say they enjoy novel serving suggestions.[6] Hybrids allow them to try their favorite products in a new format, from cakes featuring classic chocolate confectionery to pancake cereals. It’s all about delivering exciting contrasts to create a fresh yet familiar experience. Eye-catching colors can help products stand out as new and different to boost their appeal among today’s adventurous consumers.

Colored Mochi


Bring the bakery trends to life

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