EXBERRY® range grows with oil-dispersible pink shade for fat-based applications

06 January 2021

GNT has extended its range of oil-dispersible Coloring Foods with the launch of a pink shade made from fruit and vegetables.

Specifically developed for use in fat-based applications, EXBERRY® Shade Pink – OD is the latest addition to a collection of oil-dispersible shades that also includes red, yellow, orange, blue and green options.

When working with plant-based colors, different applications can require different formats to ensure the best results.

EXBERRY® OD products are liquid-based colors made by dispersing small particles – created through a unique multi-stage milling process – in sunflower oil.

As a result, they can achieve a homogenous color effect in fat-based applications including ice cream coatings, fat fillings for biscuits and pralines, compound coatings for cereals and cookies, seasoning mixes for savory snacks, and fat compounds for chocolate decorations.

Jana Reckter, Product Manager at GNT Group, said: “Fat-based applications have historically proved challenging for plant-based colors, but our expanded EXBERRY® OD range means manufacturers now have more options than ever to create spectacular products with clean and clear labels. Our new EXBERRY® Shade Pink – OD is made from both fruit and vegetables and offers a wonderful pink hue.”

EXBERRY® Coloring Foods are made from fruit, vegetables and edible plants using gentle, physical processing methods and no chemical solvents, ensuring widespread consumer acceptance.

In addition to the range of oil-dispersible products, EXBERRY® Coloring Foods are available in formats including powders, liquids and micronized powders.