GNT’s Interactive Snack Bar to Ignite Sensory Exploration Through Color at IFT 2024

Dallas, NC – (June 5, 2024) GNT will host a build-your-own rainbow snack bar to showcase the power of plant-based EXBERRY® colors at IFT 2024 (14-17 July, Chicago). Located at Booth #1680 near the Fireside Stage, GNT will demonstrate how product appearance can help determine flavor expectations and generate excitement.

Colorful Interactive Snack Bar

Visitors will be invited to choose from five different savory, salty, and sweet bases to build their snack. They will then be able to select from six seasonings featuring on-trend flavors, such as African Spice Mix and Yuzu Aji Amarillo.

The seasonings will all feature different EXBERRY® colors made from non-GMO fruits, vegetables, and plants. The eye-catching shades – including red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple options – will give attendees the chance to see how color shapes product appeal and influences the tasting experience.

GNT USA’s Vice President, Jeannette O’Brien, said: “The power of color in food and drink is immense, affecting not only the perception of taste but also our emotional and psychological connections to the product. We look forward to giving attendees the opportunity to experience the transformative power of color in a fun, immersive, and thought-provoking way.”

GNT’s experts will be available throughout the show to discuss with visitors their upcoming project requirements and identify how they can collaborate to bring creative ideas to life.

Regeneration Rising

GNT will also reveal their findings from the Regeneration Rising trend report, investigating how the growing focus on sustainability is influencing the use of color in food and drink. Visitors will have the opportunity to explore this newly published trend guide, which highlights three new future-forward color directions and shows how they can be used to build connections with eco-conscious consumers.

Alice Lee, Technical Marketing Manager at GNT USA, said: “Color enhances visual appeal in food and drink, but it can offer so much more than that. Storytelling through color allows brands to instantly connect with their target consumers on a subconscious level. We’re excited to share how EXBERRY® can help brands tap into consumer desires for optimal health, sustainability, and culinary creativity.”