Innovative colors for ice cream with natural colors of EXBERRY®

05 August 2019


Ice cream manufacturers will know well that responding to trends is important to keeping their place in the market. But new ice cream trends develop quickly and some stay and and some fade away. The way to ensure sustainable success is to identify those that are here for the long term.

Although flavors are a huge factor in new ice cream trends, it’s essential that these are supported by colors that consumers will associate with those flavors, and which communicate freshness and give a great visual impression.

The experts at EXBERRY® by GNT are highly experienced at creating colors for the ice cream industry, and have some insights to offer into the trends in flavour and colors that are likely to stick around:

Ice cream for social media?

It’s not as crazy as it sounds! In today’s marketplace where consumers will share pictures of the foods that they enjoy, ice creams that look great will be photographed and put on Instagram and shared with friends. Social media is embedded in the lives of consumers now. When making ice creams, manufacturers should think about the visual cues that will resonate with social media influencers and young people that will take pictures of all the great looking foods they experience. Natural colors from fruits and vegetables offer a wealth of options to make ice creams that can create a buzz on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook.

Savory Sensations

Savory ice creams are both hot and mainstream. Vegetable flavors like pumpkin and carrot, and spices like ginger and black pepper, are hugely popular. But for some consumers they are a new concept and they might approach savory ice cream flavors with caution. If a savory flavour looks great and the consumer’s first visual impression is positive it’s more likely that they will try the product, no matter how unusually the flavor.

Clean labels are here to stay

The trend for clean labels and natural ingredients is well-established, but here to stay. Ice cream that looks amazing, and has the double appeal of being colored by completely natural ingredients that come from edible fruits and vegetables, is going to put ice cream makers in a strong position to succeed.

EXBERRY® by GNT is a range of clean label Coloring Foods made from fruits, vegetables and edible plants that can help ice cream manufacturers tap into all of the trends highlighted here. Contact your nearest GNT affiliate today to find out how.

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