Shades of meaning: EXBERRY® unveils trailblazing Power of Color research

Moving beyond the traditional annual color forecast, GNT has launched groundbreaking research that empowers food and beverage brands to devise tailormade solutions for the modern market.

The growth of the personalization and customization trends is fueling demand for products that appeal to shoppers on a deeper level. Building on more than 40 years’ experience, GNT has developed ‘The Power of Color’ to help brands create coloring solutions that will connect with their target consumers.

The research combines consumer psychology and semiotics to deliver unique insights into how color generates meaning across products, brands, and categories, enabling manufacturers to create powerful stories and stand out in their category. Maartje Hendrickx, Market Development Manager at GNT, said: “It’s clear that a one-size-fits-all approach to color is rapidly becoming outdated. As a service provider, innovation has always been in our DNA and this trailblazing project enables us to help customers find the cutting-edge coloring solutions they need to strengthen their market position and reach new audiences.”

Created alongside professional semioticians, The Power of Color explores the many ways in which color sends out messages on a conscious and subconscious level.

For an inside-out perspective, it uses psychology to explore consumer motivations. It examines the tensions that drive product and brand choices, such as the desire for pleasurable yet permissible food and drink.

The second phase uses semiotics to provide an outside-in perspective, showing how color can help to deliver on these motivations and needs.

Color codes and cues create a variety of meanings across different cultures, categories, and situations. For example, color can indicate how to navigate situations and guide decision-making, as in the case of food nutrition labels. It can also signal personal identity, whether through fashion, cosmetics, or even food and drink. Colors evoke moods and emotions, too – red is seen as an energizing shade, for instance, while yellow is associated with joy. Together, these two perspectives allow brands to build a comprehensive understanding of how color can be used to cater to different consumer needs and create a compelling narrative.

Jill Janssen, GNT’s Power of Color lead, said: “Color can send out any number of messages about brands and products. It might signal a moment of blissful escapism, tell stories about origins and process, showcase powerful ingredients, or help to highlight healthy formulations. The Power of Color helps brands think about color in a new way, delving deeper than ever before into its cultural power while also exploring the psychology behind color trends.”

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