Webinar: Boosting brand appeal with clean-label colors in ice cream (EMEA)

oday’s shoppers are demanding more from their ice cream, from natural ingredient lists to innovative new consumption experiences.

In a free webinar on June 27, EXBERRY® by GNT will explain how plant-based colors can be used to help ice cream brands connect with modern consumers.

They will provide an in-depth look into the biggest trends in the ice cream space and how natural coloring solutions can be used to unlock products’ potential. The presentation will include insights into consumer motivations as well as showcasing inspirational EXBERRY® concepts and cutting-edge market examples.

Key takeaways:

  • Explore 2023’s top ice cream trends
  • Gain insights into Gen Z and modern consumer motivations
  • Take inspiration from innovative EXBERRY® concepts and market examples
  • On-demand will be available after the live event