Webinar: Crafting Vibrant Dairy Desserts (USA)

From cheesecake and yogurt to ice cream and panna cotta, the global desire for dairy desserts that tick all the health expectation boxes without sacrificing indulgence and fun is on the rise. 

 In today’s dynamic market, emerging new trends are transforming this category—from health-conscious formulations and bold, adventurous flavors to innovations that evoke nostalgia, escapism, and joy in everyday moments. Color is pivotal in these developments, enhancing visual appeal to make products pop on the shelves while instantly connecting with consumers on an emotional level using intensely bright shades worthy of social media sharing.  

 Join us for an engaging, solution-driven webinar hosted by EXBERRY®’s marketing experts. We’ll delve into the key trends reshaping dairy desserts and spotlight the transformative role color can play in dairy innovation by delivering positive messaging that feels authentic and transparent. Discover how EXBERRY® can amplify the appeal of desserts with vibrant, natural hues that cater to consumer health expectations without skimping on playful indulgence. Our team will also share expert technical advice on harnessing the power of plant-based colors for a wide range of dairy innovations. 

 Key takeaways:      

  1. Discover top trends in dairy
  2. Explore new dairy dessert concepts for chilled and frozen formats
  3. Learn tips on how to boost product appeal with plant-based colors