Webinar: Palette Perfection: Crafting Colorful Dairy Desserts (EMEA)

From cheesecake to panna cotta, chilled dairy desserts remain hugely popular throughout the world.  

 In the modern market new trends are now emerging and reshaping the category – from better-for-you formulations to adventurous flavor experiencesColor plays a key role in bringing these trends to life, delivering an appetizing appearance and helping products stand out from the crowd. 

 In this webinar, EXBERRY®‘s marketing experts will explore the top trends in chilled dairy desserts and highlight the importance of color. It will feature insights into how EXBERRY® can be used to maximize appeal through eye-catching shades and natural ingredient lists. The team will also provide technical tips on how to achieve effective results with plant-based colors across a range of innovative applications. 

 Key takeaways:  

  • Discover top trends in dairy desserts 
  • Learn how to boost product appeal with natural ingredients 
  • Technical tips on using plant-based colors