Webinar: Plant-based meat & fish, technical guide on using EXBERRY® colors

Modern consumers crave natural-looking meat and fish alternatives with natural ingredient lists. Plant-based colors can provide the solution – but mastering key technical factors is crucial for success.

In a free webinar on 7th November 2023, GNT will provide an expert overview of how to use EXBERRY® colors to achieve a realistic appearance in plant-based meat and fish. It will feature insights into key technical considerations and color selection for products including burgers, sausages, cold cuts, tuna, and prawns. You will also learn how to create clean-label meat alternatives that change from a raw to a cooked appearance when heated.

Key takeaways:

  • Understand key technical considerations for plant-based meat and fish
  • Gain practical insights into color selection
  • Discover how to create meat alternatives that change color