Discover the power of plant-based colors by EXBERRY®

The plant-based boom

The plant-based movement continues to build momentum, with the quality and quantity of products continuously increasing. Plant-based products need to have all the right sensory qualities to secure widespread consumer acceptance – and color is key. It helps set initial expectations on quality, while the hue and intensity of the color in food and drink can even influence flavor perception.

Discover the EXBERRY® advantage

EXBERRY® Coloring Foods are plant-based color concentrates. They are made from edible fruits, vegetables, and plants such as carrots, beetroot, and spirulina using traditional, physical production methods. Due to the way they are created, they are considered to be ingredients rather than additives in many parts of the world, supporting completely clean and clear label declarations.

You want to learn more on how EXBERRY® can help you create mouthwatering plant-based products? Download our free EXBERRY® Fact Sheet on plant-based seafood, meat, dairy and cheese.

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