Regeneration Rising: Introducing “Nature Lab” – Pushing Nature’s Boundaries

Our initiative, “Regeneration Rising,” highlights the growing trend of restoring our Earth’s ecosystem and casts a light on the increasing consumer demand for food and drink products from companies that are not just eco-friendly but are supporters of regenerative agriculture.

Embarking on this path of renewal, we discover that the significance lies not only in our actions but also in the celebration of our methods. The story of every ingredient and the heritage of each culinary creation are getting into the focus of consumers. This story is illustrated through a trio of vibrant color direction that represent the diverse facets of the regenerative concept. “Nature Lab” is a vibrant color direction that shows us the diversity of nature.

“Nature Lab” is a color direction that pushes the boundaries of what we consider natural. In the science lab, we zoom into edible plant cells via a microscope to discover an invisible world of unexpected structure, shapes, and textural play in a kaleidoscopic spectrum of green, pink, red, yellow, orange, and blue. Exploring transparency, intricate geometric shapes, new manufacturing methods are part of this color direction. This translates into plant-based yogurt with colorful inclusions, vibrant at the edge of neon RTD ranges, 3d printed confectionery or contemporary shaped pâtisserie. The floral pink-red shades add tropical to sour fruit flavors, whereas saturated yellows and bright oranges bring tastes of Bergamot or marigold to the table.

The role of color in this extraordinary narrative is crucial. So which colors are connected to “Nature Lab”?

Vibrant greens and blues are key to this direction, inspired by bio-based alternatives to synthetic color, such as algae. These ingredients are manipulated into high-performance, sustainable, and vibrant hues. The pinks, reds, oranges, and yellows of climate-adaptive cactus fruits, berries and wildflowers also verge on hyperreal. Those shades illustrate that natural color does not have to be dull – it can be bold, bright, textured!

… bring it to life with EXBERRY®

We like to introduce “fruit bites” – a sweet, new way of consuming ice cream.

Celebrating the brightness of berries with an intense red coating – displaying vibrant, seemingly ‘engineered’ color in a dairy application. This frozen yogurt bite with fresh strawberry inclusions is finding a nice balance between new consumption moment, traditional taste, and bright, modern colors.

You want to learn more about “Nature Lab” and how it can come to life in other applications? Download our color direction guide or contact our sales directly for more customized insights.

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