Shades of Aqua

Re-connecting with Nature

Each year GNT predicts which colors will make an impact over the coming 12 months. In 2020, we forecast that Shades of Aqua will be the key food & beverage color trend, with vivid blues and greens set to drive innovation as shoppers seek to re-connect with nature. Shades of Aqua evoke marine environments and mountain landscapes, conveying a sense of health and wholesomeness. This chimes with consumers’ desire to feel at one with their bodies and the world around them.

Clean and Simple

In the food & beverage sector, Shades of Aqua tune into the preference amongst shoppers for products that are ‘clean’ and ‘simple’. Green and blue EXBERRY® Coloring Foods are perfectly aligned with this. They are made from spirulina using only physical processes and never with chemical solvents, which means they qualify for cleaner and simpler label declarations.

Dedicated Production

Spirulina is a blue-green freshwater-algae that contains phycocyanin, a naturally occurring coloring component. To produce green and blue EXBERRY® Coloring Foods, GNT processes spirulina on a state-of-the-art, dedicated production line in Mierlo, Netherlands. GNT recently invested in a doubling of our spirulina processing capacity, consolidating our position as the world’s leading manufacturer of blue Coloring Foods

Versatile solutions

EXBERRY® Coloring Foods are available in liquid and powdered formats, making them suitable for all food & beverage products. We have also developed a range of micronized powders and oil-dispersible solutions for specialist applications, including high intensity blue shades made from spirulina. Find out more about EXBERRY® Coloring Foods and the Shades of Aqua trend: