EXBERRY® Annatto: natural, plant-based orange food coloring

EXBERRY® Annatto OS Intense is a natural color made from non-GMO annatto seeds from the achiote tree. It delivers powerful orange shades in fat-based applications including powdered cheese sauces, snack seasonings, and baked goods. 

Exceptional color intensity and stability

EXBERRY® Annatto OS Intense is an oil-soluble color. It has an exceptionally high color intensity, which ensures it can be used in low dosages and supports low cost-in-use. Coloring food with our annatto product also has no impact on flavor and offers excellent stability.

A more natural approach to producing colors from annatto

We do not use any carbon-based solvents to extract the bixin pigments from the annatto seeds. Instead, we rely on aqueous methods as we consider this to be the most natural processing solution.

The key sustainability benefits of EXBERRY® Annatto

The annatto seeds used to create EXBERRY® Annatto OS Intense are grown in line with GNT’s strict sustainability criteria. We do not permit any deforestation in our supply chain or any wild picking. No irrigation, chemical fertilizers, or plant protection products are used. The processing plant features solar panels onsite and the side streams are used for cattle food to ensure nothing is wasted.

Want to know more about annatto food coloring?

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Orange EXBERRY® shades for your application

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