EXBERRY® Carotenes: plant-based yellow colors for food and drink

The plant-based EXBERRY® portfolio includes natural yellow beta carotene colors made from saltwater algae.  Supporting low cost-in-use, they deliver exceptional results in applications including soft drinks, cheese puffs, marshmallows, cheese, and breakfast cereals. 

High-performing and versatile coloring solutions

EXBERRY® Carotenes deliver high-intensity yellow shades at low dosages and have no impact on flavor. Available in liquid, powder, and oil-soluble formats, they are highly versatile and offer good light stability.

A more natural approach to producing colors from carotene

Our beta carotene colors are created in line with our commitment to using the most natural production methods possible. The pigments are extracted from the algae using only essential oil, allowing us to offer a high-quality product without the need for any carbon-based solvents. 

The key sustainability benefits of EXBERRY® Carotenes

EXBERRY® Carotenes are derived from a highly sustainable source. The process of growing the Dunaliella Salina algae requires only saltwater, has no impact on biodiversity, and serves as a carbon sink. No pesticides are used and the only by-product is algal biomass, which is returned to the lake after harvesting.

Want to know more about carotene food and drinks coloring?

If you have any questions about coloring food and drinks with carotene, please fill out our contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. 

Yellow EXBERRY® shades for your application

Interested in other yellow color solutions? We offer a wide selection of yellow EXBERRY® Coloring Foods made from turmeric, safflower, pumpkin and carrot.

Orange shades with EXBERRY® Annatto

Our selection of natural EXBERRY® colors also includes EXBERRY® Annatto OS Intense. It is made from annatto seeds and delivers exceptionally high-intensity orange shades in fat-based applications such as snack seasonings and baked goods.