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爱百瑞 is the Chinese name for GNT Group’s range of Coloring Foods

GNT Group has underlined its commitment to China’s food and beverage sector by launching a Chinese name for its clean-label Coloring Foods – 爱百瑞.

19 June 2019

China is a highly important market for GNT, with millions of shoppers now seeking out products that contain natural colors. In fact, research shows that 73.2% of Chinese consumers agree that they specifically want to avoid artificial colors – a greater proportion than in both the US (55.6%) and the UK (51.6%).[1]

GNT, based in the Netherlands, believes that localizing its brand in China will increase levels of recognition and awareness among its customers, helping GNT to understand their needs better. In Europe and the rest of the world, its range of Coloring Foods is known as EXBERRY®. The name 爱百瑞 has been selected for the Chinese market because it evokes positive feelings as follows:

· 爱 = Love

· 百 = Prosperity

· 瑞 = Longevity

The new brand was revealed by GNT’s CEO, Hendrik Hoeck, at a special event in Shanghai, organized to coincide with the Food Ingredients Asia-China 2019 trade show. He said: “China is a very important market for GNT Group and we are privileged to work with many trusted and innovative customers. The creation of 爱百瑞 as an exclusive brand for China celebrates these successful partnerships and confirms our ongoing commitment to delivering high quality and reliable natural coloring solutions for the Chinese food and beverage market.”

爱百瑞 coloring foods are natural color ingredients obtained exclusively from fruits, vegetables and edible plants using gentle, physical processes such as pressing, chopping, filtering and concentrating. Consequently, they are not classed as additives but foods with coloring properties and, therefore, qualify for cleaner and clearer labelling declarations.

GNT’s 爱百瑞 colors are perfect replacements for artificial colors and animal-based colors such as carmine. They comply fully with China’s Group Standards for Coloring Foods. Made with GNT’s own innovative processes, they can impart almost any color shade to foods and beverages and are ideally suited for industrial use.

[1] Innova Market Insights