Natural colors for snacks and cereals

Consumers are demanding more from their snacks. While they were once considered a guilty pleasure, today’s shoppers are seeking out healthy, natural, and sustainable options.

Color is an essential aspect to stand out from the competition. A product’s appearance is crucial to creating shelf appeal and sends out important signals as to its quality.

Our range of EXBERRY® plant-based colors contains hundreds of shades from across the rainbow. Discover what our clean-label food colorings can do for your snack and cereal products.

Coated Snacks

Colorful fat coatings are ideal for eye-catching bakery products, desserts, and cereal bars. Our natural coloring solutions can add an array of interesting tones and brilliant shades without complicating ingredient lists.

EXBERRY® OD or MN products can be used to achieve a homogenous color effect and more intense visual impact in fat-based coatings. These ranges are created with a smaller particle size that enables them to achieve vibrant shades.

The GNT Technical sales team can provide advice on the ideal food coloring solution for your application.

Example of EXBERRY® in Coated Cereals

Extruded Snacks & Cereals

Consumers of all ages enjoy eye-catching extruded cereals and snacks, but natural ingredient lists are more important than ever. Coloring Foods can deliver clean-label shades in extruded products made from cereals including rice, corn, oat, and wheat.

These plant-based colors can be used to enhance the natural appearance or to add interesting color to complement the flavor and shape of the final product.

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Example of EXBERRY® in Extruded Snacks & Cereals

Potato & Vegetable Chips (Seasoning)

Consumer demand for exciting new snack options has fueled innovation in the chips market. As a result, brands are developing both potato and vegetable chips with exotic flavor profiles and eye-catching colors.

From subtle hues to vibrant shades, EXBERRY® can deliver a wide spectrum of clean-label colors to these products to maximize their appeal. Our MN powders are ideally suited to coloring chip seasonings and can be used to achieve yellows, reds, pinks, blues, purples, and greens.

Our experts will work with you to identify the plant-based coloring solution you require.

Example of EXBERRY® in Potato & Vegetable Chips (Seasoning)

Cereal Bars

Cereal bars provide opportunities for bold and exciting colors, flavors, and ingredients.

Our plant-based food colorings can deliver a broad spectrum of shades in these products while supporting natural ingredient lists. Formed cereal bars can incorporate color in many ways, from the binding syrup to inclusions or coatings.

Key technical considerations can include pH levels, especially when trying to achieve vibrant reds and bright purples.

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