Natural color solutions for your drinks & beverages

Naturalness is an issue of high importance to consumers when buying beverages. Natural drinks are seen to be healthier, more trustworthy, more sustainable, and better quality.

Of course, sensory appeal is still crucial to success – and color is vital. Color has been shown to influence flavor perception and can play a critical role in consumers’ purchase decisions.

Our plant-based EXBERRY® colors can deliver a full spectrum of shades in almost any beverage application while meeting demands for natural ingredients.

Soft Drinks

EXBERRY® coloring concentrates can help you create colorful, healthy soft drinks that meet modern consumer demands for clean labels.

Our range of natural food colorings is ideal for both carbonated and non-carbonated soft drinks. EXBERRY® can be used to deliver everything from the subtle shades of craft-style premium beverages to the more intense, vibrant colors used in classic fizzy soda formulations.

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Example of EXBERRY® in Soft Drinks

Syrups & Compounds for Beverages

EXBERRY® can deliver natural colors to dilutable drinks, syrups, and compounds for beverages. These products contain ingredients in a concentrated format and are mixed with water, milk, or other liquids before consumption. Ingredient interactions are an important consideration, but brix and sugar content can have a protective effect on the color in concentrated syrups.

Functional Beverages

Functional beverages are an increasingly popular choice for health-conscious consumers. Our natural coloring solutions can bring almost any flavor to life in products ranging from vitamin waters to kombuchas. In many cases, the most important technical considerations will be ingredient interactions as certain vitamins, minerals, and botanicals can alter the performance of Coloring Foods.

The GNT team can provide technical advice to ensure you get optimal results depending on your chosen application and desired color shade.

Juice Drinks & Smoothies

Smoothies and juice drinks can provide a tasty, convenient health boost – and consumers want these products to come with clean and clear labels.

Adding Coloring Foods enhances the shade and delivers a consistent, appetizing appearance throughout the shelf life. Key technical considerations for these products can include pH, ascorbic acid, and mineral levels.

EXBERRY® by GNT can help you find the ideal formulation to achieve vibrant shades using the natural pigments from edible fruit, vegetables, and plants.

Example of EXBERRY® in Juice Drinks & Smoothies

Powdered Beverages

Powdered beverages require color solutions that quickly solubilize to deliver fantastic-looking drinks.
Our EXBERRY® Micronized Powders can be used to deliver vibrant red, pink, blue, purple, green, and yellow shades to instant formulations and will deliver a homogeneous color to the powder blend. Our wide range of standard EXBERRY® powders can also provide a cost-effective option.

We can provide all the support you need to create colorful powdered beverages while meeting consumer expectations for natural ingredients.

Energy Drinks

Modern consumers are increasingly searching for energy boosts from their beverages – but artificial ingredients can limit products’ appeal.

EXBERRY® can be used to deliver exceptional results in natural energy drinks containing plant-based caffeine sources such as guarana, ginseng extract, and green coffee bean. Our plant-based food colorings can showcase a wide variety of flavors with intense shades while supporting clean ingredient lists.
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Alcoholic Beverages

Drinking habits are undergoing seismic change. The new generation of consumers is adopting a more mindful approach to alcohol based on quality over quantity, with impactful flavors and low sugar.

Color is a crucial part of many of these drinks’ appeal. The use of bold and bright colors can help elevate the drinking experience, but today’s consumers want these colors to be natural. That means if brands want to create alcoholic beverages with striking colors, it is essential to provide reassurance that the coloring ingredients come from a trustworthy source.

Discover how EXBERRY® Coloring Foods can help you create alcoholic beverages that match up to these demands.

Example of EXBERRY® in Alcoholic Beverages