GNT Webinars - 2023


Why Do Confections Need Natural Colors?

With artificial colors under regulatory fire, there’s never been a better time to transition to eye-catching, nostalgic colors made from simple, recognizable ingredients for your confections.  But how do you select the right shades and what are the essential considerations for achieving bright and stable colors?  Whether it’s vivid pinks and reds or violet and orange hues, we have you covered.


Fuel Your Dairy Innovations with Plant-Based Colors

The spotlight is on natural colors in the post-pandemic world where transparency and authenticity are key, consumers seek ‘clean-label’ products that are healthier and more sustainable. They also crave purpose, community and joyful experiences–like bliss in a sundae. Color has the power to instantly spark these emotional connections! Learn how you can leverage colors from fruit, vegetables and edible plants to level up your dairy and non-dairy innovations, including a deep dive into frozen & chilled dessert categories.


Better-For-You Snacks Using Plant-Based Colors

Do you want to remove artificial colors from your portfolio?  Would you like to explore the latest clean label color solutions?  Learn how to expertly use natural colors in better-for-you snack to gain an edge in a competitive marketplace.  Learn practical tips and useful technical consideration for today’s most on-trend plant-based colors for snacks and bakery.


Plant-based Colors:
Expert tips on creating vibrant confectionery

Plant-based colors enable confectionery brands to create spectacular products while maintaining completely clean and clear labels. Our experts provide insights into how to achieve vibrant shades across a wide range of confectionery applications, e.g. fruit gum, chocolate, high boiling and others. They will also highlight some of the most important new trends in the sector and offer practical tips on how to use plant-based colors to bring them to life.


How Color is the Most Powerful Tool for Your Clean-Label Beverage

As consumers proactively seek out solutions to boost their physical and mental well-being, they are increasingly gravitating toward functional and ‘better-for-you’ beverages.  The complete sensory adventure is elevating today’s beverage with color at the heart of the experience!  Discover this year’s top beverage color trends and learn the tangible ways to develop bright, stable beverages with eye-catching plant-based colors.


Healthy Hedonism:
disruptive new color trends

Our groundbreaking new trend analysis has discovered the bold new era of “Healthy Hedonism”. This ethos is now set to spark a global surge in demand for eye-catching products that are good for people and planet. From seductive healthy snacks to kaleidoscopic TikTok treats, the trend showcases a lifestyle that is playful, considered, and nourishing.